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Public opinion polls and headlines confirm what is common knowledge in San Mateo County - housing matters. The quality of life in our community is directly linked to how we address the challenge of providing homes to people who work and grow up here. While our elected officials are charged with creating solutions, a missing element in their deliberations is a true representation of the public’s voice. If they had an opportunity to become informed on the issues, what would the people of San Mateo County want their leaders to do? What kind of solutions would they be willing to accept and support?

Threshold 2009 invites residents of San Mateo County and those who have a stake in the county’s future to become part of an unprecedented campaign to welcome all perspectives to the table and build a public voice for solutions.

Beginning in March 2008, Threshold 2009 engaged thousands of people in forums to discuss and deliberate about alternative housing solutions. The discussion began at a two-day Countywide Assembly with a statistically representative sample of 400 residents, followed by an interactive Online Dialogue in May 2008 and a series of Community Conversations that continue to engage all those who want to add their perspectives to the dialogue in 2009.

Threshold 2009 is a community-driven effort to increase the public’s understanding of housing issues in the county and to make the process of developing housing policies and solutions more inclusive. We are not developers and we are not an advocacy organization. We are facilitators of a public conversation with no predetermined outcome.

Local policymakers are pleased that there are people who are trying to find a different way to engage the citizens… It’s an alternative approach that a lot of folks are interested in and hopeful about… 
– Rich Gordon, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors